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  • What is Dexxi?

    Dexxi realizes your investment purpose by investing your assets in ETFs. Our service can be used by investors with both defensive or offensive investment-purposes with a minimum starting amount of €100. Via our online platform, you can determine your investment purpose in a few steps and open your own investment account very easily.

  • What is behind Dexxi?

    Dexxi is part of Indexus Groep. Indexus Groep BV is registered as investment company at both the AFM and DNB. Indexus Vermogensbeheer en Beleggingsadvies and Dexxi are included in Indexus Groep. Indexus is an independent asset manager and investment adviser since 1997.

  • How does Dexxi set themselves apart from others?

    Dexxi tries to distinguish themselves with simplicity, transparency and low costs. Dexxi developed an online platform where you can easily map your investment purposes. Subsequently, you can open your own investment account to let Dexxi manage your assets. Dexxi invests your assets in ETFs and takes care of the continuity of your portfolio.

  • Is investing at Dexxi secure?

    Dexxi is totally independent!

    Securities are essential when trusting others with your assets. Dexxi is included in the Indexus Groep BV. Indexus was founded in 1997 and offers asset management and investment advisory services since then. Indexus Groep BV has obtained all required licenses from the AFM (Authority Financial Markets) to manage your assets. In addition, Dexxi is participant of DSI (Dutch Securities Institute) and member of KiFiD (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening). Both organisations monitor behavior of financial service providers, in which way they comply with laws and regulations and make sure all consumers receive clear and fair information. Your personal investment account is held at BinckBank.

  • Where is your investment account opened?

    Your investment account is held at Saxo Bank (former BinckBank), who act as depository bank for Dexxi’s clients. You will receive your own personal and unique IBAN number from Saxo Bank.  Saxo Bank is a Dutch enterprise listed at Euronext Amsterdam. Saxo Bank has high creditworthiness and is supervised by both the Dutch Bank (DNB) and Authority Financial Markets (AFM).

  • Protection of deposit guarantee scheme

    BinckBank N.V. is part of the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme. This scheme guarantees credit (both money on the investment and savings-account) up until €100,000 per individual. Is your account opened in the name of two persons, this credit is doubled i.e. €200,000. BinckBank N.V. uses multiple trade names. Outstanding credits for all trade names of BinckBank need to be summed up in case of execution of the deposit guarantee scheme.

  • Protection of investor compensation scheme

    Your investments are protected by the Investor compensation scheme. In case BinckBank is not able to satisfy in her obligations, you will be compensated via this investor compensation scheme up to a maximum amount of €20,000 per individual. When your account is opened in the name of two persons, this credit is doubled i.e. €40,000.

  • Protection of securities transactions act (Wge)

    All securities listed on Euronext exchanges (including Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Paris) are included in the protection of securities transactions act (Wge). Wge offers you security, because you become the direct owner of these securities after your purchase. In case of bankruptcy of BinckBank, your securities are excluded from their bankruptcy estate. Securities which are not listed on Euronext, are kept in a separate custody company. The goal of BinckBank’s custody company is to solely store your securities. After delivery of purchased securities, you posses a claim against the custody company. In case of bankruptcy of BinckBank, your claim against the custody company is excluded from the bankruptcy. You can transfer these securities to another bank without additional problems. BinckBank aims to store all securities according to the Wge in short term.

  • What is my money invested in?

    Dexxi invests your assets entirely in ETFs. Your portfolio composition is based on your own investment ideas and risk appetite.

    ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are listed index tracking investmentvehicles. Performance of the index are tracked as accurately as possible. ETFs can track indices in all investment categories.

    Investing in ETFs brings a large number of advantages compared to alternative investment vehicles, like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The main advantages of investing in ETFs are low costs, transparency and diversification.

    The costs associated with an ETF are incorporated in the price and therefore there is no additional charge.

  • Can I lose my initial investment?

    With investing comes risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of your investments, and the income from them, may rise or fall. Investors may get back less than they invested.

  • What is Dexxi’s investment policy?

    Your portfolio will be constructed and managed with the goal to passively invest in a well diversified portfolio at low costs. Your portfolio will be constructed out of multiple investment categories from different international markets. Rebalancing your portfolio every month is used to keep your portfolio in balance according to your yield requirements and risk limitations.

  • Do I have to do anything myself?

    You already determined your own investment profile via our website. Your investment profile hands us enough guidelines to manage your portfolio. So you can feel at ease with Dexxi managing your portfolio. You can obviously have a look at your progress at our website. When something changes in your personal or business circumstances, it can be wisely to have another look at your investment profile and possibly fill in our questionnaire on our website again to make sure you still have the right investment profile.

  • Does Dexxi use fixed ETF providers?

    Dexxi does not make use of fixed ETF providers and does not have specific agreements with other parties. Our power is to use our expertise and experience in selecting the most suitable ETFs.

  • Do ETFs pay out dividend or interest?

    The underlying value of ETFs is based on stocks and bonds. When these underlying assets pay out dividend or interest, this benefits ETF holders.

  • Is investing in ETFs secure?

    Using ETFs to construct your investment portfolio is a deliberate choice. These investment vehicles are characterized by their simplicity, transparency and low costs. Investing in ETFs is as secure as investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

  • Where can I find information about ETFs?

    Investing in ETFs is very transparant. ETF providers place all relevant information about their ETFs on their website.

  • Benchmark

    A benchmark is a standard against which the performance of a security or investment manager can be measured. For every investment category, we selected a representative ETF as benchmark. Every investment profile has a certain allocation of our twee investment categories; Marketable securities and Fixed interest-bearing securities. We calculated a weighted performance for every investment profile based on the asset allocation. You can use this weighted performance to compare with the benchmark.

    Benchmark for Marketable securities: iShares MSCI World UCITS ETF
    This index is composed of companies from developed countries.

    Benchmark for Fixed interest-bearing securities: iShares Euro Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF
    This index is composed of Euro denominated investment grade government, government-related, corporate and securitised bonds.

  • Do you charge transaction costs?

    Dexxi charges an all-in fee. Transaction costs are included in this fee. Our fee wil not increase or decrease when our portfolio managers perform more or less transactions.

  • What are the costs for ETFs?

    ETFs are well diversified and maintain low costs. Dexxi does not create their own ETFs, distinguished ETF providers are used to do this. The costs of these ETF providers are already included in the price of their ETFs. You are not charged for these costs. These costs are subtracted from the ETF’s trading price. The average costs of the ETFs invested in by Dexxi is 0.2% per year.

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

    To know what costs you are making as an investor each year, Dexxi applies the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). TCO is the sum of all costs, this includes the costs of investment vehicles used next to the costs charged by Dexxi and BinckBank. Including VAT, the TCO of investing at Dexxi will result in approximately 1% per year. Deviation from the published TCO can arise when more expensive ETFs are included in your portfolio because of market conditions. However, ETF’s running expenses are currently still decreasing.

  • How can I start investing?

    Opening your account at Dexxi can be done by filling in the Acceptance Form on our website. Based on an online questionnaire, together we determine the most suitable investment profile for you. Upon which you will receive the documentation to open your account at BinckBank. After handling these documentation, you can deposit into your account. At Dexxi, you can start investing once every week.

  • Who can use the services provided by Dexxi?

    Investing at Dexxi is suited for everyone. You can open your private or business account, but you can also open an account with your foundation, association or ecclesiastical institution. Dexxi welcomes investors from a minimum starting amount of €100.

  • Is it possible to open an account in name of a minor?

    For opening an Dexxi investment account in the name of a minor, you can follow our regular procedure for applying and opening an investment account. Next to the documentation for the investment account, you will receive a ‘document legal representative’. This last document, the documentation for an investment account at BinckBank and the management agreement by Dexxi need to be signed by the legal representative.

  • Copy identification

    For opening your Dexxi account, you need to identify yourself. Official passports or identity cards are accepted only, drivings licences are not accepted. Passport photo, citizen’s service number (BSN) and passport footer with numbers need to remain visible for the bank. Banks need this information to meet their legal identification requirements. Make sure that your signature is also clearly visible. Copy both the front and back-side of your identification. Only a number of organisations are required to ask a copy of your identification. Prevent identity fraud, have a look at www.government.nl.

  • Am I locked in to anything at Dexxi?

    You can stop investing at Dexxi once a week, without any additional costs.

  • Is it possible to periodically withdraw from my Dexxi-account automatically?

    Yes this is possible, Your order of periodic withdrawals needs to be done in writing or by sending an e-mail to admin@dexxi.nl by the e-mail known to us. This transfer will take place on the fourth day of every month. If this is not a business day, this transfer will take place on the first subsequent business day.

  • Withdrawal to fixed contra account

    As a client of Dexxi, your investment account on your name is held at BinckBank. By entering into our management agreement, you need to specify your fixed contra account where we can transfer your requested withdrawal to. In this way, nobody else can make use of your capital. Obviously, you can change your fixed contra account or add another contra account. This needs to be done in writing.

  • Deposits, withdrawals and termination

    Once a week, there is a possibility to start at Dexxi. At the time your agreement is finalized and you deposit the initial amount into your account, your portfolio will be iniated on our trading day. Also, deposits or changes in investment profile will be processed on such weekly trading day.

    Our trading days

    Withdrawals and terminations
    Withdrawals and terminations need to applied for in writing or by sending an e-mail to admin@dexxi.nl sent by the e-mail address registered on your account. Withdrawals and terminations will be processed on the next business day and transferred to your contra account within three business days.

    When a withdrawal is equal or higher than 90% of your asset value, your entire investment portfolio will be liquidated at once.