Everybody can

  • A simple way to invest your money
  • Easily grow your assets
  • No minimum investment size

Investing with Dexxi

Dexxi is accessible to anyone regardless experience, knowledge and capital. Dexxi has low entry barriers without complicated terms & conditions. Therefore, Dexxi is suitable for both starting and more experienced investors

Risk diversification, transparency and low costs are key at Dexxi!

Additionally, all portfolios are rebalanced monthly to realign the original asset allocation in the portfolio – without extra costs.

Opening an investment account at Dexxi, how does it actually work?

  • 1

    Open an investment account at Dexxi

    Your personal account fully transparent 24/7

  • 2

    Deposit your investment

    Deposit your investment any time you want (minimum initial amount €100)

  • 3

    We take care of your investments

    We invest your money in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

  • 4

    Balanced portfolio

    Your portfolio will be rebalanced every month without additional costs

Easy to open

An investment account can be opened very easily. Based on an online questionnaire, we together determine the most suitable investment profile for you. After this you will receive documentation, which you can sign digitally, to open your account.

After a maximum of 5 working days, you will receive your own personal IBAN number. Dexxi partnered up with Saxo Bank, where your investments are held.

Low Costs

Dexxi charges an anually all-in fee of 0.8%. No additional fees. Free deposits and withdrawals.


You can check your portfolio 24/7 and change your investment profile.


With a diversified portfolio you can achieve an optimal return of your assets.

What are the costs?

Asset management by Dexxi can be used by investors with both defensive or offensive investment objectives with a minimum initial amount of €100. Dexxi charges an annual all-in fee of 0.8%. For accounts €250,000 – €500,000 we charge an all-in fee of 0.6%, for accounts larger than €500,000 the all-in fee is 0.4%.

Dexxi does not charge additional costs for opening and maintaining your account or executing transactions.

Dexxi also offers the possibility to deposit and withdraw periodically. This can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. All free of charge.

Already 4.000 clients started

88% of clients recommend us to others

72% deposit periodically

Our advantages

Risk diversification, transparency and low costs are key at Dexxi!

The investment portfolios are build up with ETFs whilst Dexxi takes care of your portfolio. Investing in ETFs brings a large number of advantages in comparison to alternative investments, like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

After the portfolio has been built up, you want to retain the ideal asset allocation going forward. Market developments could potentially lead to over- or under-weighting of particular asset classes. This may significantly increase or decrease your the risk profile.

Dexxi rebalances all portfolios monthly to re-establish your original asset allocation – without additional costs.

5 years old


Lucas is a five year old boy. He loves to play and since his grandparents gave him boxes full of Lego, Lucas’ fantasies are running wild. He loves to build big structures. When necessary, grandpa Jan offers a helping hand. Lucas wants to become an architect now. To make sure Lucas’ dream will come true, his grandparents already opened an investment account.

38 years old


Q: Would you recommend Dexxi to others?
A: “Though everyone should make their own decissions, I can highly recommend Dexxi. I do belief that you should only start investing when you are able to structurally put money aside. For example, a part of your savings account which you won’t need short term. But I will always keep some savings in my account for unexpected expenses.”

47 years old


“So I opened an investment account” says Isabel. “I will always stay on top of things, but I am very convinced about investing at Dexxi. I log in every last day of the month, to have a quick look at my investments. My dashboard appears very clear and is easy to understand. Who would have ever thought I would like investing. So simple … anyone can do this.”

Investing with Dexxi - 6 reasons why

  • Flexibility - Deposit or withdraw money at any time.
  • Low fees - All-in fee 0.4-0.8% per annum. Nothing additional.
  • Minimum initial amount €100.
  • Investing the easy way - We take care of your investments.
  • Full transparency - Monitor your investments 24/7
  • 88% of clients recommend us


  • Can I lose my initial investment?

    With investing comes risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of your investments, and the income from them, may rise or fall. Investors may get back less than they invested.

  • What is my money invested in?

    Dexxi invests your assets entirely in ETFs. Your portfolio composition is based on your own investment ideas and risk appetite.

    ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are listed index tracking investmentvehicles. Performance of the index are tracked as accurately as possible. ETFs can track indices in all investment categories.

    Investing in ETFs brings a large number of advantages compared to alternative investment vehicles, like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The main advantages of investing in ETFs are low costs, transparency and diversification.

    The costs associated with an ETF are incorporated in the price and therefore there is no additional charge.

  • Am I locked in to anything at Dexxi?

    You can stop investing at Dexxi once a week, without any additional costs.

  • Does it make sense to start investing after age 50?

    It is still useful to start investing after age 50. We are convinced that investing after 50 is still a very wise decision. According to us, anyone with an investment horizon of 3 years or more, should consider investing.

  • Are my investments safe?

    We open an account in your name at BinckBank. Like all other Dutch banks, BinckBank is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Your account balance is part of the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme. This scheme provides a guarantee up until €100,000 per individual. Securities are in your possession and secured at an independent custodian.

    Dexxi is part of Indexus Groep BV. Indexus Groep BV is registered with the Authority Financial Markets (AFM), the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) and Het Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (KiFiD).