Investing with Dexxi

ETF Portfolios

  • Internationally diversified
  • Monthly rebalancing
  • Low costs

Investment Filosophy

Your portfolio will be managed with the goal to passively invest in well diversified investment categories. We can allocate your investments to different international markets to further reduce your risk profile. Monthly portfolio rebalancing is used to retain your initial investment objectives. All this for a low all-in fee.

This is how we invest for you!

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Investing in ETFs

ETFs are used to track particular indices. We call this passive investing. These ETFs track broadly based indices and serve as building blocks for your portfolio. By combining multiple ETFs, we can comprise a well diversified portfolio at low costs for every type of investor. ETFs offer proper diversification and as such lower risk than individual stocks or bonds. Investing in ETFs enables you to maintain above average stability and a low cost profile at the same time.