All-in Fee

No additional charges.... EVER

  • No service fee
  • No transaction fee
  • No deposit fee
  • No withdrawal fee

All-in Fee

Dexxi charges an annual all-in fee. The costs are deducted from your portfolio at the end of every month (1/12th).

Our all-in fee of 0.8% per year is only charged over the first €250,000.
Over the value of €250,000 to €500,000, the fee is 0.6% per year.
On any balance above €500,000, Dexxi charges 0.4% per year.

We do not charge any additional fees. Not for opening and maintaining your investment account or for executing transactions.

Dexxi also offers the possibility to deposit and withdraw periodically. This can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. All free of charge.

*The costs of the ETFs are incorporated in its price and therefore not charged additionally.

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Investment Costs

To be paid to Dexxi Amount Percentage
All-in fee (> € 0) 0.80%
All-in fee (> € 250000) 0.60%
Discount 0.20%
All-in fee (> € 500000) 0.40%
Discount 0.40%
Total costs
Costs factored into ETF price Amount Percentage
Ongoing management costs of investment instruments
Average transaction costs of investment instruments
Total costs of investment instruments
Total costs per year